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Writer's Block: This is a Recording

Earth, Wind & Fire all the way!!!!!!!
If you were to make an album consisting of only covers, which songs would you pick to sing?

Writer's Block: American Music Awards

For me it's hands down Earth, Wind & Fire!!!!!!!!!!
Who is the best musician or band of all time?

Writer's Block: On repeat

Which song gives you goosebumps? Good or bad-- tell us why.

Westlife's Flying Without Wings from their Croke Park concert DVD, It's a truly moving performance. I love these guys and I wish they would tour in America.

Destiny Fulfilled............

Majority of you know what a fanatic of music I am, especially live music. Whenever I get the chance to see a concert, I jump at the chance. Well in the summer of 2005, two of my favorite groups were on tour. Those groups being the lovely ladies of Destiny's Child and smooth guys of Earth, Wind & Fire!!!!! HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

Well I just knew that I was going to see both concerts and brag to my friends about it!!!!! Well then I found out something that just bugged the hell out of me. Both concerts were on August 27, 2005. Destiny's Child playing at the US Airways Center and Earth, Wind & Fire playing at the Dodge Theater up the road.

Well damn, what was I to do? I knew that Earth, Wind & Fire would be constantly touring for years to come. On top of that, I knew that this was Destiny's Child last tour. So I flipped a coin, heads Earth, Wind & Fire and tails Destiny's Child. Tails it was and my best bud Dwight and friend Brian bought our tickets to see the girls. We had such a great time, we danced, sang and even laughed!!!

Fast forward to 2011!!!!!!!

My partner Brett calls me and tells me that Earth, Wind & Fire will be performing in San Antonio as part of their 40th Anniversary Tour. I literally screamed like a white lady in church!!!! Ok maybe not, but it was close. Brett asked where I would like to sit, I really didn't care as long as I was there.  So he purchased the tockets and informed me that we would be sitting very close.

June 10, 2011 arrives and Brett and I set off for San Antonio to see the concert and then, it happens. A freaking traffic jam. Are you kidding me? Time rolls on as we sit in traffic. I am getting highly pissed off and Brett is taking note.  By the time we get parked, walk......I mean haul ass to the theater, get seated, we have missed the first 25 minutes of the show. I am so upset that I am close to tears.

As we sit down, Earth, Wind & Fire are in the middle of one of my favorite songs of theirs "Sun Godess". Once they began to sing the last part of the song, my anger instantly dissolved. I was in EW&F heaven!!!! They seamlessly went from hit to hit. Phillip Bailey showed that just because he is 60 years old does not mean that can't hot those hit notes anymore. He didn't miss a beat as he went from his smooth falsetto to a gentle tenor.

Before I knew it, 90 minutes had flashed by. The group took a final bow, exited the stage and on came the house lights of the extremely beuatiful Majestic Theater.  We started walking up the aisle and an annoucement came across the PA system. It siad that if you would like to met the band to purchase your backstage passes where t-shirts were being sold. I guess I had a smile wider than the state of Texas.  Brett rushed up and immediately bought backstage passes. I seriously thought I was dreaming, hell I darn near passed out.

FInally the moment arrives and out comes the three remaining original member of the band, Phillip Bailey, Verdine White and Ralph Johnson. We walked up the stage, I am smiling and shaking something fierce.  I got to shake hands with the guys and spoke briefly with Phillip Bailey and Ralph Johnson as Brett was in awe with Verdine White (Just look at the picture below, LOL).

From left to right: Verdine White, Brett, Phillip Bailey, StubbyCub and Ralph Johnson


What is your LEAST favorite movie of all time, and why?

Hands down, Mariah Carey's "Glitter" That movie gave me cancer of the eye!!!!!!
For starters, just look at that face!!!!!

This adorable face from New Haven, Missouri has grown into a beefy, smart, caring, loveable Bubba Bear.
Brett is a great guys who loves his job in the education field (even though he constantly vents about it, LOL)
A major love of animals, especially the main man in his life. His puppy Jude

One of Brett's biggest loves (aside from his Black GMC Acadia) would be his horses.  Oh the many awesome stories that Brett can tell you about the horses he has raised over the years. Some of which have participated in the Kentucky Derby.

Any and everybody should have a friend like Brett. He's there for his friends and is very close to his family. I am very happy to be able to call him a true friend.

Good friends are hard to come by, You have to go through many to find the good ones and I can say that Mike is a good friend. Scratch that, a great friend. Since 2003, Mike has been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, somebody to vent to or even meet up with for lunch at Red Lobster.

Mike comes from a nice sized family and loves his family very much, especially his father. I would always smile when Mike's face would light up everytime somebody would mention his father.


 Being a bear, it's a given that Mike is into technical gadgets, shiny things and yes.........Star Trek, LOL. Mike also loves to play darts and go bowling. He's pretty darn good at both too.

He has had a special guy in his life for about 15 years now, how awesome is that. Mike and Dwight make a great couple and Dwight loves him so much. Even when Mike is on the BBL (Bad Bear List).

Even with all the ups and downs, I would not change a thing about my friendship with Mike. As I said before, good friends are hard to come by. Hold on to the good friends that you have, no matter how rough things get.

Thank you for being YOU Mikey, I love you and miss you!!!!

Writer's Block: Teenage dream

If you arrived at your front door and saw your first love standing there, what would you do or say?

I would say, "Why did you dump me on Valentine's Day?"

Lazy asses on bear411

     The other day I was chatting with a guy on bear411, at first he seemed to be a cool guy. That is until he began to ask me a number of questions.  Ouestions such as: How tall are you? Where does the name "StubbyCub" come from? What type of work do you do?  What do you like to do for fun?  I simply replied, check out my profile, all your answers are in the profile.

     He instantly got upset with me over that reply, I didn't give a damn though. He tells me that I am a stuck up prick for even replying back like that. On and on he goes about how all I had to do was answer his questions and things would have been just fine. Then he concludes that he lost all interest in me and said goodbye.

     I replied back with: ROFLMAO!!!!!! I want to thank you for giving me one hell of a good laugh today.  You're a lazy ass bastard and I would not have gone out with you anyways. You're probably to lazy to read a menu at a restuarant and would ask the server to tell you what's on the menu. Good luck in finding a guy to play into your sorry ass lazy life.


This is my Bear411 profile. What do you think?
*****Please read the profile before asking questions*****
*****Your answers are most likely covered in the profile*****

Stats and Random stuff
I am 31 years old, I stand 5'-11" tall, I weigh about 205lbs, semi hairy, starting to get a little bit of a belly, usually sport a goatee, somtimes a little beard, brown eyes, I snore, I still fall out of the bed, I have a weakness for Peach Snapple Iced Tea and Hi-C Orange from McDonald's, I piss in the shower, I smoke cigars, I like to drink beer and yes I really do still suck my thumb............

The nickname StubbyCub was given to me because I hate to shave and I always have some "stubble" on my face........

The Low Down:
I am not looking to date or hook up!!!! Relationships have taught me a lot over the last 3 years. I have hurt people I love about and I have been hurt by people I love. I am a lot smarter now and I know and understand my faults and I am not going to make the same mistakes again.

Work and Education:
I work full time as a Millwork Engineer/Project Manager. Basically I create shop drawings (Blueprints) and conduct field measuring for custom woodwork, cabinetry, paneling, counter tops, store fixtures, etc. while I am not swimming in money, I am able support myself. I have a degree in Architectural Design. Working on getting into a program through Austin Community College and Texas A & M.

I am very private with my personal business. So don't get all but hurt when I don't answer certain question, especially if I feel it's none of your business. I am known for being a nice guy and a loyal friend. I am usually easy to get along with, yet I will tell you to kiss my ass if you piss me off. I am always up to make a new friend near or far.

Big time music and concert fanatic, talk music with me and you've got yourself a new friend, I love baseball, football and hockey, road trips, roller coasters, playing cards, board games, etc.......

WOOF's, Hugs, GRRRRR and stuff!!!!!

Hmmmm I'm just sayin......

     A lot of my friends call or text me if they need somebody to vent to, even on bear411 and especially Facebook.  I try my best to be there for my friends in their time of need, that's what friends do.

     Lately I have had some issues that I need to vent about, so what do I do, call up my friends. In the 12 friends I called, only three actually answered the phone.  One person actually said that he didn't want to hear it. Another cut me off and flat out said that he didn't have time to deal with me or my issues. WOW, really? The last took it upon himself to tur the attention on him because obviously it's all about him.

     The people who never answered the phone still have yet to respond, I doubt they will.  Now I don't expect everybody to wait by the phone for me to call, but damn, you just don't do your friends like that.  

     On Bear411 and Facebook that friends will tell me what's going on in their lives which is great. Yet the moment I begin to speak about what's happening with me, then suddenly people have to log off, go meet somebody for dinner, or they simply just log off. I have to say that this really hurts when that happens.

     I don't know, maybe it's karma for things I have done in the past.  All I know is that I have begun to keep things to myself.

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