Rob (azbearchaser79) wrote,

Hmmmm I'm just sayin......

     A lot of my friends call or text me if they need somebody to vent to, even on bear411 and especially Facebook.  I try my best to be there for my friends in their time of need, that's what friends do.

     Lately I have had some issues that I need to vent about, so what do I do, call up my friends. In the 12 friends I called, only three actually answered the phone.  One person actually said that he didn't want to hear it. Another cut me off and flat out said that he didn't have time to deal with me or my issues. WOW, really? The last took it upon himself to tur the attention on him because obviously it's all about him.

     The people who never answered the phone still have yet to respond, I doubt they will.  Now I don't expect everybody to wait by the phone for me to call, but damn, you just don't do your friends like that.  

     On Bear411 and Facebook that friends will tell me what's going on in their lives which is great. Yet the moment I begin to speak about what's happening with me, then suddenly people have to log off, go meet somebody for dinner, or they simply just log off. I have to say that this really hurts when that happens.

     I don't know, maybe it's karma for things I have done in the past.  All I know is that I have begun to keep things to myself.
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