Rob (azbearchaser79) wrote,

Lazy asses on bear411

     The other day I was chatting with a guy on bear411, at first he seemed to be a cool guy. That is until he began to ask me a number of questions.  Ouestions such as: How tall are you? Where does the name "StubbyCub" come from? What type of work do you do?  What do you like to do for fun?  I simply replied, check out my profile, all your answers are in the profile.

     He instantly got upset with me over that reply, I didn't give a damn though. He tells me that I am a stuck up prick for even replying back like that. On and on he goes about how all I had to do was answer his questions and things would have been just fine. Then he concludes that he lost all interest in me and said goodbye.

     I replied back with: ROFLMAO!!!!!! I want to thank you for giving me one hell of a good laugh today.  You're a lazy ass bastard and I would not have gone out with you anyways. You're probably to lazy to read a menu at a restuarant and would ask the server to tell you what's on the menu. Good luck in finding a guy to play into your sorry ass lazy life.


This is my Bear411 profile. What do you think?
*****Please read the profile before asking questions*****
*****Your answers are most likely covered in the profile*****

Stats and Random stuff
I am 31 years old, I stand 5'-11" tall, I weigh about 205lbs, semi hairy, starting to get a little bit of a belly, usually sport a goatee, somtimes a little beard, brown eyes, I snore, I still fall out of the bed, I have a weakness for Peach Snapple Iced Tea and Hi-C Orange from McDonald's, I piss in the shower, I smoke cigars, I like to drink beer and yes I really do still suck my thumb............

The nickname StubbyCub was given to me because I hate to shave and I always have some "stubble" on my face........

The Low Down:
I am not looking to date or hook up!!!! Relationships have taught me a lot over the last 3 years. I have hurt people I love about and I have been hurt by people I love. I am a lot smarter now and I know and understand my faults and I am not going to make the same mistakes again.

Work and Education:
I work full time as a Millwork Engineer/Project Manager. Basically I create shop drawings (Blueprints) and conduct field measuring for custom woodwork, cabinetry, paneling, counter tops, store fixtures, etc. while I am not swimming in money, I am able support myself. I have a degree in Architectural Design. Working on getting into a program through Austin Community College and Texas A & M.

I am very private with my personal business. So don't get all but hurt when I don't answer certain question, especially if I feel it's none of your business. I am known for being a nice guy and a loyal friend. I am usually easy to get along with, yet I will tell you to kiss my ass if you piss me off. I am always up to make a new friend near or far.

Big time music and concert fanatic, talk music with me and you've got yourself a new friend, I love baseball, football and hockey, road trips, roller coasters, playing cards, board games, etc.......

WOOF's, Hugs, GRRRRR and stuff!!!!!

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