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Evolution Of A Bear Part 18: Mike Mike Mike!!!!!

Good friends are hard to come by, You have to go through many to find the good ones and I can say that Mike is a good friend. Scratch that, a great friend. Since 2003, Mike has been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, somebody to vent to or even meet up with for lunch at Red Lobster.

Mike comes from a nice sized family and loves his family very much, especially his father. I would always smile when Mike's face would light up everytime somebody would mention his father.


 Being a bear, it's a given that Mike is into technical gadgets, shiny things and yes.........Star Trek, LOL. Mike also loves to play darts and go bowling. He's pretty darn good at both too.

He has had a special guy in his life for about 15 years now, how awesome is that. Mike and Dwight make a great couple and Dwight loves him so much. Even when Mike is on the BBL (Bad Bear List).

Even with all the ups and downs, I would not change a thing about my friendship with Mike. As I said before, good friends are hard to come by. Hold on to the good friends that you have, no matter how rough things get.

Thank you for being YOU Mikey, I love you and miss you!!!!

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