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Destiny Fulfilled............

Majority of you know what a fanatic of music I am, especially live music. Whenever I get the chance to see a concert, I jump at the chance. Well in the summer of 2005, two of my favorite groups were on tour. Those groups being the lovely ladies of Destiny's Child and smooth guys of Earth, Wind & Fire!!!!! HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

Well I just knew that I was going to see both concerts and brag to my friends about it!!!!! Well then I found out something that just bugged the hell out of me. Both concerts were on August 27, 2005. Destiny's Child playing at the US Airways Center and Earth, Wind & Fire playing at the Dodge Theater up the road.

Well damn, what was I to do? I knew that Earth, Wind & Fire would be constantly touring for years to come. On top of that, I knew that this was Destiny's Child last tour. So I flipped a coin, heads Earth, Wind & Fire and tails Destiny's Child. Tails it was and my best bud Dwight and friend Brian bought our tickets to see the girls. We had such a great time, we danced, sang and even laughed!!!

Fast forward to 2011!!!!!!!

My partner Brett calls me and tells me that Earth, Wind & Fire will be performing in San Antonio as part of their 40th Anniversary Tour. I literally screamed like a white lady in church!!!! Ok maybe not, but it was close. Brett asked where I would like to sit, I really didn't care as long as I was there.  So he purchased the tockets and informed me that we would be sitting very close.

June 10, 2011 arrives and Brett and I set off for San Antonio to see the concert and then, it happens. A freaking traffic jam. Are you kidding me? Time rolls on as we sit in traffic. I am getting highly pissed off and Brett is taking note.  By the time we get parked, walk......I mean haul ass to the theater, get seated, we have missed the first 25 minutes of the show. I am so upset that I am close to tears.

As we sit down, Earth, Wind & Fire are in the middle of one of my favorite songs of theirs "Sun Godess". Once they began to sing the last part of the song, my anger instantly dissolved. I was in EW&F heaven!!!! They seamlessly went from hit to hit. Phillip Bailey showed that just because he is 60 years old does not mean that can't hot those hit notes anymore. He didn't miss a beat as he went from his smooth falsetto to a gentle tenor.

Before I knew it, 90 minutes had flashed by. The group took a final bow, exited the stage and on came the house lights of the extremely beuatiful Majestic Theater.  We started walking up the aisle and an annoucement came across the PA system. It siad that if you would like to met the band to purchase your backstage passes where t-shirts were being sold. I guess I had a smile wider than the state of Texas.  Brett rushed up and immediately bought backstage passes. I seriously thought I was dreaming, hell I darn near passed out.

FInally the moment arrives and out comes the three remaining original member of the band, Phillip Bailey, Verdine White and Ralph Johnson. We walked up the stage, I am smiling and shaking something fierce.  I got to shake hands with the guys and spoke briefly with Phillip Bailey and Ralph Johnson as Brett was in awe with Verdine White (Just look at the picture below, LOL).

From left to right: Verdine White, Brett, Phillip Bailey, StubbyCub and Ralph Johnson


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